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My Day at Freddy Fazbear's by Kidapult My Day at Freddy Fazbear's by Kidapult
Speedpaint here:…
Based off of The Living Tombstone's FNAF Quadrilogy.
From left to right: The kid who ends up being murdered and possesses Freddy (who I think is singing the FNAF 1 song), The kid in It's Been So Long who possesses Golden Freddy, and the I Got No Time crying child.

I've always thought it would be cool if the It's Been So Long kid and the I Got No Time kid were friends. They even have (sorta) matching Golden Freddy plushies! What's going on in the picture is that the IGNT kid was supposed to hold out his plushie next to the IBSL kid's, but he didn't and they took the picture before the IBSL kid could do anything, so that's the reason why he's just kinda holding his plushie out. And yes, it was intentional that the IBSL plushie not have a tophat and bowtie. If you look on the original IBSL video, it doesn't have one. My little headcanon to explain this is that the IBSL plushie is an earlier version, so that's why it's not too accurate (similar to how all the Princess Celestia toys used to be pink up until recently).

I was trying to go for this looking like one of those photos in which the border is added in afterwards, and so it sometimes looks kind of awkward. I was also trying to make the border look way too busy like a lot of children-oriented things.

Textures used:
Old Photo Texture by firesign24-7
Grunge by struckdumb
Cinder Block Wall by mdpratt
Concrete Basement Wall Texture by FantasyStock
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May 28, 2016
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